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Guide to Pergamon's Digital Transformation Journey

  1. Collect and categorize existing user manuals from various sources.

  2. Build and update a comprehensive database of user manuals, product features, and standard terminologies.

Content Collection and Database Building

  1. Develop a scalable set of templates for different product categories and types.

  2. Provide a method for users to customize templates based on their specific needs.

Template Creation and Customization

  1. Use Pergamon's advanced tools and structured content system to enhance writing precision, ensuring high-quality, professional manuals.

  2. Store structured content in a database to allow for seamless interaction between creation, translation, publishing, and retrieval stages.

Professionalize Content

  1. Promote content reusability with Pergamon to ensure uniformity across manuals.

  2. Implement changes and updates seamlessly across all versions of the manual, saving time and resources.

  3. Maintain structured content to ensure uniformity across translations and versions, facilitating easy compliance checks.

  4. Transition from paper to digital begins with the creation of longer online-based PDFs and shorter printed Quick Start Guides, reducing paper usage and streamlining content management.

Streamline Content & Partial Digitization

  1. Support full digitization with Pergamon's scalable and adaptable system, transitioning from PDFs to HTML format.

  2. Provide an enhanced user experience with easily accessible, interactive, and up-to-date product information in HTML format.

Full Digitization Towards HTML

  1. Incorporate user feedback and analytics to identify areas for further enhancement.

  2. Use insights from the current cycle to inform the next round of product development and content updates.

Feedback and Analytics Integration

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Unlock Your Business's Full Potential with

Pergamon's Comprehensive Digital Suite

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