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A Step-by-Step Transformation From Paper to Digital

Traditionally, manual creation involves a linear process - create, translate, publish.

Each stage is distinct and changes often require revisiting previous stages.

Traditional Process

Pergamon revolutionizes this process. It begins with structured content stored in a database, allowing for dynamic interaction 
between creation, translation, publishing, and retrieval stages.

Pergamon Process

By storing structured content in a database, changes and updates can be implemented seamlessly across all versions of the manual, saving time and resources. HTML and AI ChatBot based user manuals retrieve content in real-time from Pergamon.​


The structured content in the database ensures consistency across all translations and versions of the manual. It also allows for easy compliance checks.

Consistency and Compliance

With Pergamon, manuals are not just published but are made easily retrievable, enhancing user experience.

Ease of Access

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Unlock Your Business's Full Potential with

Pergamon's Comprehensive Digital Suite

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